Margaret Swetnam was chosen as 2004-2005 Teacher of the Year At Fruitville Elementary in Sarasota, FL where she teaches a preschool classroom for young children with autism. Margaret recently shared her perspectives and experience in an interview with the Learning Curve . To learn what she had to say, click on each question below, or you can

click here to watch the complete story.

You may also download the PPT w/Audio portions by "right-clicking" and saving to your desktop.

  • Who are your students? [PPT w/Audio]
  • How do you determine educational priorities for a child's first school experience? [PPT w/Audio]
  • What are the aspects of your classroom that best promote your students' learning? [PPT w/Audio]
  • What intrigues you about teaching young children with autism? [PPT w/Audio]
  • What is a typical day like in your classroom? [PPT w/Audio]
  • What qualities do you feel other teachers recognize in you? [PPT w/Audio]
  • What does it take to make teaming happen? [PPT w/Audio]
  • What behavioral or instructional supports and strategies have you shared with other teachers? [PPT w/Audio]
  • How do you approach working with the families of your students? [PPT w/Audio]
  • What are the challenges you face? [PPT w/Audio ]
  • What do your students gain from their experience in your classroom? [PPT w/Audio]
  • What "words of wisdom" can you share? [PPT w/Audio]
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